Stay Busy During Quarantine: Plan Your Luxury Ethiopian Trip

Ethiopian luxury trip

12 May Stay Busy During Quarantine: Plan Your Luxury Ethiopian Trip

Plan your luxury Ethiopian trip today!

The Coronavirus has disrupted the heartbeat of our communities, businesses, families, and economies. While self-quarantine is a blessing because it is significantly flattening the curve and saving lives, it is hard to spend so much time indoors away from our families, friends, and normal daily routines.

To stay busy, start planning your Ethiopian luxury trip! This is our quick reference guide to planning an authentic and memorable experience to ancient Abyssinia!

When to Go to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known as the land of 13 months of sunshine. However, that’s not exactly true. Starting from mid-June until the end of September, the majority of the country experiences the rainy season. With heavy downfalls and colder temperatures, getting around and enjoying the outdoors is much more difficult.

The rain is slightly less in June so if you can only come in the summer, this is the month to pick. But July and August are best to avoid.

While there is significant rain in September, there are also two amazing holidays. Depending on how the calendar falls, Ethiopian New Year is celebrated on September 10 or 11. This is because Ethiopia is one of the few countries in the world that runs on the Julian calendar which is around 7 1/2 years behind the rest of the world.

Additionally, the holiday, Meskel, is celebrated at the end of the month. It marks the finding of the true cross for the Orthodox and is celebrated with large bonfires throughout the country. Thousands gather in Addis Ababa in Meskel Square to celebrate together. It’s worth risking the rain to come to this event.

Ethiopian Blue Nile Falls in Bahidar

The Blue Nile Falls are better to visit after rainy season in order to see a full waterfall. Photo courtesy of Natasha Sweeney/Limalimo Lodge

Inviting Travel Companions

Travel alone or invite your closest friends and family members to join you on this amazing trip. When you visit Ethiopia, you are unraveling centuries of ancient history. It’s a country that has a remarkable significance in world history and is known as the gateway to Africa.

There is something about Ethiopia that gets inside you. It changes you. It never leaves you. It makes you thirsty and longing for more. Sharing that with companions makes it even more of a strong bond.

Your trip can be customized to include experiences that appeal to all ages and interests. Whether you are taking your school-age children or you are in your golden years, your luxury Ethiopian trip can be adapted specifically for you.

What To Do

Most people enjoy choosing one of our specific luxury Ethiopian trip itineraries because it includes the most sightseeing capabilities during their time in the country. Choose from historical routes to the north to trekking adventures to birding tours and more!

Ethiopia offers something for everyone!

a picture of a bird in a tree in Gondar, Ethiopia

Enjoy spectacular bird watching in Ethiopia. Photo courtesy of Natasha Sweeney/Limalimo Lodge

What To Pack


Packing for Ethiopia can be tricky. The mornings and nights are cool while the days can be hot. That’s why packing clothing that can layer will prepare you for any time of the day.


Additionally, roads in Ethiopia are not very smooth so good walking shoes are a must! While a pair of sandals will be nice for the resorts, you’ll want close-toed shoes for walking during the days.

Carrying Money

We have an excellent record of keeping our guests safe. It is our #1 priority. However, we still recommend, as a precaution, to be careful with your money as pick-pocketing is a common problem throughout the country.

Women carrying purses should opt for ones that have an outside zipper. Preferably money would also be held in another inner zipper within the bag. Men carrying wallets should opt for putting them in their front pocket or using a money belt. Other options for both men and women including using special anti-pickpocketing clothing from a company like Clever Travel Companion.

How Long to Stay

Guests coming from the United States can expect a long flight– almost 17 hours or more! For that reason, it’s best to plan for a least a couple of weeks in the country. This gives you time to adjust to the time zone difference. It also allows you to see more of the country.

While the country is only twice the size of Texas, Ethiopia has over 80 different unique tribes plus significantly varying landscapes. In order to sample a variety of these differences, it’s best to come for at least 10 days minimum although we typically recommend 2-4 weeks as more preferable.

Additionally, if you have the time, Egypt and Kenya are nearby countries that are great to couple together with your trip.

Choosing Your Airline

There are multiple airlines that fly into the country since the capital, Addis Ababa, is one of the biggest hubs in Africa.

However, there are several unique advantages of traveling Ethiopian Airlines. For example, you will get significant savings on all domestic flights in the country if you arrive by Ethiopian Airlines. Additionally, for Americans, Ethiopian Airlines offers several direct flights from cities like LA, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and more.

a picture inside of Ethiopian Airlines plane

Creating a Unique Experience

The new definition of luxury travel includes more bespoke opportunities customized just for you and your family. For example, if you are an athlete, you can train with locals at famous spots that Olympic athletes have used. If you like birds, we’ll show you the endemic birds of our country. For business folks, understand the dynamic investment opportunities that developing countries like Ethiopia can offer. For coffee lovers, take a journey through the famous coffee fields of the country.

Whatever your passion is, let us help you discover and deepen it in Ethiopia.

An Ethiopian running in stadium/meskel square

For running enthusiasts, join local and professional Ethiopian athletes and see why Ethiopia produces some of the best runners in the world!

Reserving Your Trip

Nothing like making your self-quarantine more endurable by reserving your trip to Ethiopia. Start talking to our team today and contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

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